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SCUBA AQUATEC Competitive Advantages Introduction

AQUATEC - DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in Scuba Equipment Manufacture Industry, Diving Equipment Industry, Diving Manufacturer. SCUBA AQUATEC has been offering our customers high quality Scuba divers, Ocean divers, Diving Equipment, Scuba gear, Dive gear, Dive supply Sub Alert, Dive Alert, Dive light, Underwater lights, Underwater Torch, Dive Torch, Scuba light, Diving flashlight, LED Flashlight Regulator, Scuba Regulator, Regulator First Stage, Regulator Second StageBcd, Power Inflator, Fist Stage, Second Stage, Octopus,, TEC Bcd, Snorkeling Vest, Console Gauge, Instruments, Pressure Gauge, Scuba Compass, Dive Compass, Diving Compass, Depth Gauge, Diving Whistle, Scuba Whistle, Diving Knife, Scuba Knife, Die Knife, Essential, Fin, Mask, Snorkel, Accessories, Dive Tools, Diving Tools, Scuba Factory, Air Filter, Wreck Reel, Scuba Tank, Back Pack, Hose. since 1984. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, SCUBA AQUATEC always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Competitive Advantages

Scuba Aquatec Diving Equipment Manafacturer

Scuba Aquatec
Scuba Aquatec

1. Superior quality with reasonable prices:

AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) is CE certified manufacture, quality assured products, and reasonable priced. Products specifications are customized to fit international markets and customer demands. All of AQUATEC’s scuba diving equipment, components, and safety devices follow CE regulation. (Lots of brands are loyal customers of Aquatec/ Duton Industry Co., Ltd. such as SCUBAPRO, SUB GEAR, POSIDON GERMANY, URSUK, AROPEC… and etc.)

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全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC

全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC





2. Customized to client requirements:

AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) recommend suitable products per each customer requirements. Scuba diving equipment, functional parts, and mold modifications and customizations are also available for each client's special demands.  For example, AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) main product, the BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device) not only has hundreds of standard and special shape for reference, but also can have rapid 3-D printing applied to fabricate trial molds for each client's specific product recipe, size, weight and shape for pilot testing.  An actual mold can then be produced after client confirmation.  Client satisfaction is AQUATEC 's main goal. 

Diving Regulator Resistance Magnification Test Machine Diving Pressurized Chamber  Diving Blasting Test  
全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC  全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC  全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC  
全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC  全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC  全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC

3. Supply manual that are suitable for AQUATEC products:

Since 1983, AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) has successfully developed many manuals accepted by international markets. Detailed start-up manuals are also included in our products and service packages for client reference.

4. Prompt response and follow-up service:

AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) will respond to customer phone calls, e-mails, or faxes for products or production problems within 24 hours to prevent a client's potential loss.

5. Integrated Scuba equipped test:

500 PSI high-pressure air compressor, 300 PSI pressure testing compressor, regulator testing device, tensile strength testing machine, salt mist test chamber, 1/100 gauge (i.e. measuring device), 1/1000 gauge (i.e. measuring device), Aquatec provide many kinds of scuba diving equipment testing device.  In our scuba test, a wide range of full diving equipment testing to ensure the dive equipment fits each client's final product requirements.


6. Successfully exported worldwide:

Since 1983, AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) has successfully exported its scuba diving equipment to 45 countries. With many practical experiences, AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) can provide clients with the most effective market information and customer service experience.

全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC  全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC

7. Complete parts safety stock for all products series:

Except for special parts, we can deliver the components each client needs right away.

8. Professional R&D team:

Our specialized R&D teams are constantly developing new scuba diving equipment, effectively fabricating tailor-made products, and working to improve products quality.

9. Complete market information:

AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) never stops doing market surveys and attending international exhibitions. With decades of knowledge accumulated about market information and changes in scuba trends, we can provide the most valuable information to our clients, and assist our clients in industrial upgrading.

10. Help customers make money:

AQUATEC (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) diving equipment is reasonably priced, high in capacity, and superior in quality and function. With capabilities to produce value-added products, AQUATEC  (Duton Industry Co., Ltd.) scuba diving products are sure to roll clients' investments back in a short amount of time and constantly make a profit for clients.