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SCUBA AQUATEC Scuba Air Buddy Service Introduction

AQUATEC - DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is Taiwan Scuba Air Buddy supplier and manufacturer with more than 35 years experence. Since 1984, in the Scuba Equipment Manufacture Industry, Diving Equipment Industry, Diving Manufacturer, SCUBA AQUATEC has been offering our customers high quality Scuba Air Buddy production service. With both advanced technology and 35 years experience, SCUBA AQUATEC always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Scuba Air Buddy


Once the Air Buddy is correctly connected to your BCD, you can just leave it there until you need it. It will not interfere with your BCD in any way. When you need it, you can use it as it is connected or you can unsnap it from your power inflator and use it on it’s own hose for breathing.

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You can then raise the power inflator over your head to dump air as you ascend. This is the only BCD alternate air source that gives you that option. Make sure you have the cable tie correctly installed on the upstream side of the Air Buddy before you use it so you cannot disconnect the Air Buddy improperly. You can connect and disconnect the Air Buddy as many times as you like while underwater. Remember, do not seal your mouth around the Air Buddy mouthpiece. Allow the excess water and air to escape on both sides of the mouthpiece as you exhale.

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • Weight: 47 Grams
  • Length: 60.5 mm
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
  • ⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec.
Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy

Scuab Air Buddy


PAT. 138418 / 317264 / US 6,513,525 B2


  • After each use, must be rinsed with fresh water.

Warranty Period

  • Ffrom the purchase of one year from the date of the product warranty.
  • Normal operating circumstances, the non-human damage, the company must ensure that free maintenance.

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