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Quality Policy

全球潛水設備王 AQUATEC 品質管理

It is AQUATEC (DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD.) Quality Policy that we deliver on the basis of an effective quality system the best products and services to ensure perfect service, of the highest quality, The need for continuous improvement means that each and every employee must be fully aware of the quality aspects of his or her individual work with our effort in all employment participation, continuing improvement and better customer satisfaction, and never-ending R&D innovations that exceed our customers requirements

For our clients worldwide, Aquatec does the very best to provide excellent scuba diving equipment and its related services to strengthen our long-term mutually beneficial partnership. With our continuous improvements on research and development, well-managed design, manufacture capability, decision-making practices, and Integrate quality management principles into critical business processes and to make our customers’ total experience with Aquatec is the best in the industry.

As a reliable partner and certified supplier of the world’s leading communication AQUATEC (DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD.) business sustain success and to keep quality standards great, We aim to provide clients with comprehensive satisfaction by Continuous quality improvement by processes with validation structures. Aquatec scuba diving equipment concentrates on continuous improvement – of people, products and processes, scientific knowledge of scuba diving safety. Our company, Aquatec, drives excellence and creativity across all industries concentrates enthusiasm on every aspect to establish the enterprise culture of service perfection, quality superiority, and never-ending research, development and improvement. This has laid the foundations for the responsible and effective implementation of quality assurance systems in business with global market access.                                       

AQUATEC (DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD.) is a worldwide competitiveness by gaining international quality certifications and awards. Carefully selects prime part suppliers for quality assurance. We promise to keep improving every tiny aspect in all our products, processes and services to present superior equipment Achieve operational excellence and service to our clients as an essential in securing the future of the company.

We strive to provide reliable scuba diving equipment; CE quality policy is thoroughly carried out in Aquatec. Meanwhile, ERP, PDM, SOP and other management systems are applied to complete material and process management. In addition, To ensure success, quality management will take on an even more central role in our corporate policy. we are continuously upgrading the quality management system in all stages ranging from order receipt, development, production to shipment.

Quality Policy | Over 40 Years Scuba Gear & Equipment Manufacturer | SCUBA AQUATEC

Located in Taiwan since 1984, AQUATEC - DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has been a manufacturer of scuba gear and diving equipment. Their main scuba gear and dive equipment include, BCD power inflators, first stage scuba regulators and second stage scuba regulators, scuba BCDs, BCD power inflators, scuba dive gauges, scuba sub alerts, scuba duo alerts, dive lights and underwater pressure gauge for scuba diving, which has been sold to over 45 countries with CE certification.

SCUBA AQUATEC is one of the leading diving equipment | scuba equipment manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1984. CE certified & pro equipment, SCUBA AQUATEC's scuba diving equipment provides worldwide divers excellent and unique diving experience. The wide selection of diving & scuba equipment including diving fins, sidemount systems, scuba pressure gauges, dive gauges, scuba gauges, scuba gears and more.

SCUBA AQUATEC has been providing its customers with high quality underwater diving gear and equipment, both with advanced technology and 40 years of experience, SCUBA AQUATEC ensures that each customer's needs are met.