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Sub Alert | The dive gears of AQUATEC create the power to help people encounter and communicate with the ocean.

Sub Alert

Sub Alert

Sub Alert, Dive Alert

Aquatec Sub-Alert can be vital, especially when technical diving. Aquatec Sub-Alert can be a life saver. Aquatec Sub-Alert can make a loud sound. People have been able to hear a Aquatec Sub-Alert 1.5 mile away from a diver in need. Sub-Alert could be the only source to helping diver when it in accidents. We strongly recommend you take a Aquatec Sub-Alert along with you on every dive you undergo.

Sub Alert

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Scuba Air Horn - SH-126-01 Scuba Air Horn
Scuba Air Horn

This new AQUATEC Scuba-Horn is very compact in size. Only the best quality component is used...

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Scuba Sub Alert - Dive-Alert
Scuba Sub Alert

The AQUATEC Scub-Alert is not only starting to be a major requirement for many Dive-aboard...

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Scuba Diving Sub Alert - Dive-Alert Pro
Scuba Diving Sub Alert

Scuba Aquate Sub-Alert is a compact pneumatic signaling device that offers reliable audible...

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Scuba Dive-Alert - Dive-Alert Plus
Scuba Dive-Alert

This new AQUATEC Duo-Alert is very compact in size. Only the best quality component is used...

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Scuba Whistle - WT-230 Scuba Whistle
Scuba Whistle

One of the hardest things that can happen to you while diving is to be separated from the boat...

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Diving Whistle - Diving Whistle
Diving Whistle

Diving whistle who goes diving, huning or hiking then this is a necessity. If you loose your...

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Sub Alert | Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturer | SCUBA AQUATEC

Located in Taiwan since 1984, AQUATEC - DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. has been a manufacturer of scuba gear and diving equipment. Their main scuba gear and dive equipment include, Sub Alert, BCD power inflators, first stage scuba regulators and second stage scuba regulators, scuba BCDs, BCD power inflators, scuba dive gauges, scuba sub alerts, scuba duo alerts, dive lights and underwater pressure gauge for scuba diving, which has been sold to over 45 countries with CE certification.

SCUBA AQUATEC is one of the leading diving equipment | scuba equipment manufacturers based in Taiwan since 1984. CE certified & pro equipment, SCUBA AQUATEC's scuba diving equipment provides worldwide divers excellent and unique diving experience. The wide selection of diving & scuba equipment including diving fins, sidemount systems, scuba pressure gauges, dive gauges, scuba gauges, scuba gears and more.

SCUBA AQUATEC has been providing its customers with high quality underwater diving gear and equipment, both with advanced technology and 39 years of experience, SCUBA AQUATEC ensures that each customer's needs are met.