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SCUBA AQUATEC Tool Kits Service Introduction

AQUATEC - DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is Taiwan Tool Kits supplier and manufacturer with more than 39 years experence. Since 1984, in the Scuba Equipment Manufacture Industry, Diving Equipment Industry, Diving Manufacturer, SCUBA AQUATEC has been offering our customers high quality Tool Kits production service. With both advanced technology and 39 years experience, SCUBA AQUATEC always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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  • Professional Diver Tool Kit
    Professional Diver Tool Kit

    In scuba tools section everything you need to keep your scuba gear in best shape every time. Every piece is kept in place with an elastic strap. TK-100 Scuba divers tool kit contains most the tools necessary for most scuba diving projects. These kits provide the most commonly used tools for repairs, like wrenches, screwdrivers. Special tools which come in tool kits or as multi tools can be dive saving.

  • Scuba Diving Tools
    Scuba Diving Tools

    TK-200 Kit contains most the tools necessary for most scuba diving projects. Having the necessary tools to fix minor issues that may arise with your gear save yourself some dive time and a little money by fixing things yourself. If you do not know what to do, please do not try this on your own. Of course, the big problem should be handled by a professional support. This little tool kits will keep you from calling a dive over a loose hose fitting or a lost O-ring.

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