Series Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

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SCUBA AQUATEC Series Guardian Air Filter Moisture System Service Introduction

AQUATEC - DUTON INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is Taiwan Series Guardian Air Filter Moisture System supplier and manufacturer with more than 37 years experence. Since 1984, in the Scuba Equipment Manufacture Industry, Diving Equipment Industry, Diving Manufacturer, SCUBA AQUATEC has been offering our customers high quality Series Guardian Air Filter Moisture System production service. With both advanced technology and 37 years experience, SCUBA AQUATEC always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

Series Guardian Air Filter Moisture System


Guardian Air Filter Moisture System to clean the oil and gas, dust, odor, bacteria, heavy metals in the cylinder and allow the diver to have a cleaning, moisture air when diving. Simple Installation, Six-layer filter, Easy replacement, Ease of use.

Scuba Guardian Air Filter Cartridge, Scuba Air Filter Moisture System,Diving Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

What can AQUATEC’S patent pending 106214798 Air Filter Moisture Systems do for you?

Article Description:

  • Compact & elegant lightweight design, no burden to use. N.W. 97 grams, Meas. 88 x 21.5 mm.
  • Provide you a clean and moisture air, reduces dry throat symptoms.
  • Compatible to most all of regulators.
  • Much easier to equalize
  • Lower incidence of post-diver headaches.
  • Producing oxygen which contains negative ions that majorly refresh, invigorate and increase alertness in order to improve diving performance.
  • Charcoal & Wool felt filter remove trace particles of odor, rust, and dust.
  • The molecular sieve absorbs moisture and spreads it into the airflow that helps increase the humidity when divers are breathing.
  • Simply attached between your First stage and Regulator hose and fill distilled water or bottled water.
  • Compatible with Nitrox up to 40% (The maximum recreational limits for nitrox diving).
  • Artificial Atmosphere 0.1% humidity Extremely Dry Tank Air.
  • How does the tank air become re-humidified?
  • Simulating Natural Atmosphere humidity ( 30% to 70% ) with clean air .
  • AQUATEC superb quality and complete after-sales lifetime warranty.


With each breath taken on land, your body will naturally release and replenish humidity continuously. The average humidity (moisture) level worldwide is approximately 70%. But Compressed air within a tank has a humidity level of less than 0.1% which is far below the humidity in the atmosphere.

Therefore, during a dive our Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is able to increase humidity continuously.

Benefits of proper humidity (moisture):

  • Reduced level of fatigue from dehydration
  • More efficient gas exchange in lungs
  • Lower incidence of post dive headaches
  • No cotton mouth & dry throat free
  • Charcoal filter removes micro-particulates from the air supply


AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is installed between the High pressure scuba air tank Low Pressure port and the Second stage regulator. After each dive, be sure to remove the Air Filter Moisture cartridge completely dry and then stored in a dry environment.

Figure 2.

The AQUATEC Guardian Air filter moisture system is dampened by user prior to installation. There is an Air Chamber design at the bottom of Guardian Air Filter Moisture System to provide a smooth and high volume air to breathe (Patented). Each breath draws a little moisture from the cartridge and adds it to the air stream to increase humidity.



How to inject distilled water into the Guardian air filter moisture system:

Before the installation, please tear the sealed bag, the dry humidifier completely wet with distilled water, rotated into the cover of the housing’s O-ring position and then tighten the cover, each dive quickly added, and in the storage before it is completely dry.

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System contains a material PE, 20 cc / ml syringe, which injects distilled water or bottled water into the syringe, then injects the water into the cartridge. The amount of water is about 5 cc / ml. The cartridge net weight 7.0 grams, full of moisture content of 12.0 grams. In a recreation dive,  Every 10 minutes of compressed air through the Air filter moisture cartridge sucked about 1cc to 1.25 cc, so the cartridge can be used for about 40 to 50 minutes, after the sucked air will be the original cylinder dry Air, which will keep the low pressure hose and the Second Stage in dry.

The Air Filter Moisture Cartridge sits inside a housing that is hand-tight. You add moisture to the cartridge after use to ensure optimal humidity level during each dive. at the end of a day's diving simply slide the cartridge off and allow it to air dry completely before storage.

It is granted that an ample supply air comes first for scuba diving, but no less crucial is the quality of air. It is essential to pulmonary respiration and comfortable of moisturized air, and for safer diving. Aquatec’s Guardian Air Filter Moisture System removes the problems associated with dry tank air, and filters out trace particles of dust, rust, and odor. On the other hand, on land our nasal system filters out many impurities before air enters the body. This photo shows the inside of an air tank chosen at random from a rental facility. When air is compressed into a tank, small amounts become liquefied and settle in the cylinder. Water, salt, rust, silicon residue, and aluminum oxide can form inside the tank along with oil and carbon dust. This is because of the poor compressor maintenance. A tank's design does not allow these contaminants to be released until the cylinder is cleaned and serviced. The build-up leaves a residue in the tank at the very end. The air coming from a tank will contain odors and impurities associated with these types of contaminants are very likely to happen. To Use the optional charcoal filter will help exterminate micro-particulates from the air supply. The Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is perfect for all scuba divers to provide clean, moisturized air - this includes the adventurous travel diver enjoying locations where purity is questionable or the weekend diver who seeks comfort and additional safety.

Installation Precautions:

AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is installed in the middle of the First Stage Low-Pressure (L/P) outlet and the Second Stage Low Pressure Hose. After diving, remove the cartridge, completely dry and store it in a dry environment.

How to inject distilled water into the air filter moisture system:

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System. The system contains a 5 cc/ml medical grade syringe, fill distilled water or bottled water and then equips water content into the filter humidification cartridge. The amount of water is about 5cc/ml.  Guardian Air Filter Moisture System net weight of 7.0 grams, full of moisture content of 12.0 grams.






NIOSH USA / TSI USA 8532 10-6 g./Meter





Barrier PM2.5




Barrier 99% of the 3 nm




Barrier 95% of the 3 nm




Barrier 92% of the 3 nm




Humidification effect

Golden plating housing




Silver plating housing




Black plating housing.




Rose Gold plating housing




N92 Air filter moisture cartridge. (Sky Blue)




N95 Air filter moisture cartridge. (Green Lime)




N98 Air filter moisture cartridge. (Apple Lime)




N100 Air filter moisture cartridge. (Lemon Lime)




Viton O-Ring.






2 pcs of 5 mm natural wool felt



4 pcs of 5 mm natural wool felt



High effect activated carbon layer




Special effect activated carbon layer




Polymer activated carbon layer




Charged activated carbon filter





Adsorption gas, liquid or colloidal solid

Good blocking effect



Obstruction effect excellent



Removal of odor molecules

High - efficiency electrostatic filter adsorption capacity of very small particles




Adsorption of toxic dust

Adsorption of considerable bacteria

Adsorption of organic particles

Adsorption of organic gas

Resist the breeding of bacteria

High degree of adhesion


Water injection bottle. 20cc.

Replacement of new cartridge every year

50 times each need to replace the new cartridge

Housing life time warranty

Scuba Gear Technical Information:

  • FN-200G Housing material: Brass with chrome coated Gold. inside use sky blue N92 Air Filter Moisture Cartridge.
  • FN-200S Housing material: Brass with chrome coated Silver. inside use Green Lime N95 Air Filter Moisture Cartridge.
  • FN-200B Housing material: Brass with chrome coated Black. inside use Apple Lime N99 Air Filter Moisture Cartridge.
  • FB-200R Housing material: Brass with chrome coated Rose Gold. inside use Lemon Lime N100 Air Filter Moisture Cartridge.
  • Color box: Weight 140 Grams, Dimensions: 102 x 102 x 40 mm.
  • Each system includes an Air filter Moisture Housing, Air filter Moisture cartridge, Water injection bottle 20 cc.
  • Main housing: 3/8" x 24w / 88 x 21.5 mm / Weight: 90 Grams.
  • Catrodge:18.5 x 44.5. mm / 7 Grams / Filled water weight: 12 Grams.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment OEM & ODM available.
  • ⊙ Diving Equipment customization.
  • ⊙ Manufactured by: Aquatec
 Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

二 Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

The Guardian Air Filter Moisture System’s humidification system comprises a housing, a first felt, a polymeric activated carbon, a molecular sieve, and a second felt, and the second felt is sequentially disposed within the housing. Characterized in that the filter module is filled with water by immersion in pure water or filtered water or RO reverse osmosis water, and when the air of the high-pressure air bottle is injected from one end of the sleeve through the filter module The first felt and the activated carbon will bring the moisture in the molecular sieve and spread the moisture into the second regulator via the second felt, thereby simultaneously achieving the purpose of filtering and humid zing the air.

The activated carbon is a kind of porous carbonaceous material. It has a highly developed pore structure, and its composition contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and ash in addition to carbon, and its structure It is formed by the formation of carbon ring. Due to the irregular arrangement of hexacyclic carbon, resulting in the activated carbon microporous volume and high surface area characteristics. Activated carbon is odorless, tasteless, and insoluble in water and organic solvents. The very large pore volume of about 0.6 ~ 0.8 ml / g, the specific surface area of about 500 ~ 1,500 m2 / g, the organic polymer material has a strong adsorption force, and for the liquid phase of the micro-components, pigments, odor substances With a high degree of removal. Has a highly developed pore structure, is a very good adsorbent, the adsorption area per gram of activated carbon is more equivalent to eight tennis courts, and its adsorption is through the physical adsorption force and chemical adsorption force reached.

The molecular sieve, also known as gel filtration, also known as exclusion chromatography, gel chromatography or molecular sieve chromatography, after 1960 developed out of technology.

Gel is a colloidal solution composed of solid material, the internal mesh with a mesh, the use of spherical gel within the mesh, so that molecules flow through the filling of the gel column, the macromolecules cannot enter the gel sieve , But only through the gel and the pores between the column, and soon can flow out of the column, the smaller molecules because of the gel into the sieve, so the residence time in the column length, thus distinguish the size Different molecules can also be compared with the known size of the molecule to determine the molecular weight of a molecule. Under normal circumstances, the gel does not absorb the ingredients, all the substances to be washed will be washed out, which is gel chromatography and other different methods of chromatography. That is, the molecular sieve is a chromatographic technique in which the components of the mixture are separated by molecular size using a porous gel having a certain pore size range as a stationary phase. There are many substances with a molecular sieve, such as pumice, agar, a arose, polyvinyl alcohol, polyacrylamide, dextran gel.  The main application range is: (1) grading separation of various antigens and antibodies; (2) to remove the complex of small molecules in the complex (from the G10 to G200), the main application range is: Such as desalting, fluorescein and free radioactive isotopes and hydrolyzed protein fragments; (3) analysis of immune complexes in serum; and (4) determination of molecular weight.

The principle of the gel itself is a kind of porous material without surface charge. When the sample solution with multiple components moves in the gel, the speed of the particles is different because of their molecular weight, and the buffer elution, The molecular weight of the material can not enter the gel hole, and in the gel is almost vertical downward movement, and molecular weight of the material into the gel hole for "bypass" operation, so that the size of the molecular weight, Has to flow out of the gel column, to achieve the purpose of separation.

Dextran, also known as dextran, is cross-linked between their long chains with a trichloro propane crosslinker. Dextran gel has a strong water absorption, cross-linking degree, small water absorption, the opposite degree of cross-linking, water absorption. Trade name to Sephadex G said, G value is smaller, the greater the degree of cross-linking, the smaller the water absorption, G value is greater, the smaller the degree of cross-linking, the greater the water absorption, the two were inversely proportional; G value is about water the amount of 10 times.  Whereby the amount of dextran gel dry powder can be estimated from the bed volume.

Among them, Sephadex1 types and characteristics are as follows:

G25, G50 has four kinds of particles Model:

1. Coarse (100 & micro ~ 300 & micro)

2. (50 & micro ~ 150 & micro),

3. Fine (20 & micro ~ 80 & micro), as well

4. Ultra-fine (10 & micro ~ 40 & micro).

G75 ~ G200 there are two kinds of particles Model:

1. (40 & micro ~ 120 & micro), as well

2. Ultra-fine (10 & micro ~ 40 & micro).

In other words, the finer the particles, the slower the flow rate, the better the separation effect.

Therefore, the molecular sieve used for the filter humidifier for use in the design of the diving gas cylinder can be divided into four different grades of the filter module depending on the size of the particles, and the color can be distinguished according to the color High and low prices, to provide users with the appropriate choice to replace.

The so-called molecular sieve may also be referred to as a synthetic zeolite (Zeolites), a porous material having a single pore size, consisting essentially of crystalline oxides of tetrahedral atoms coordinated by silicon, aluminum, gallium, germanium, zinc, beryllium, and the like, Can adsorb specific liquids or gases; therefore, in general chemical laboratories and industry are very common as a desiccant or as a purification product of the material. Its role is to use molecular sieve special single pore structure, the molecular size of the screen, only smaller than the hole size of the molecules can enter the crystal hole; when the target molecules into the hole, and because the molecular sieve in the metal ion for the large Of the molecules produce force (van der Waals or electrostatic power, etc.), the target molecules adsorption, and to achieve the effect of purification. The molecular sieve can absorb about 20% or more of water in an amount of water (water), for example, and the molecular sieve is used to remove impurities or moisture under appropriate conditions (heating or microwave) Reuse, is a very good and environmentally friendly purification medium.

The molecular sieve used for the filter humidifier for the operation of a diving gas cylinder is a material containing fine and single minute pores which can be used to adsorb gas or liquid. Small enough molecules can be absorbed through the pores, and larger molecules can not, for example, a small molecule of water that can pass through but larger than it does. Thus, a molecular sieve can absorb moisture up to 20% or more of its own weight, allowing the air to pass through the molecular sieve, which absorbs water, to humidify the moisture in its air as a preferred medium for the humidifier.

Therefore, the filter humidifier for use in the production of a diving gas cylinder uses the characteristics of the filter module to suck the molecular sieve in the casing by immersing in pure water or filtered water or RO reverse osmosis water , The first felt and the polymer activated carbon is further poured into the filter by injecting the air of the high-pressure air cylinder 1 through the filter into the filter,  The moisture in the molecular sieve is brought into the respirator mouth via the second felt, thereby simultaneously achieving the purpose of filtering and humidifying the air.

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Filter protection efficiency classification:

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) new standards for dust and respiratory protection 42CFR84 published on June 8, 1995 (according to filter classification)





Protection efficiency




Protection efficiency




Protection efficiency




N series: protection of non-oily suspended particles without time limit. N95, N99, N100.
R series: protection of non-oily suspended particles and sweat oil suspended particles time limit of eight hours. R95, R99, R100.
P series: the protection of non-oily suspended particles and sweat oil suspended particles without time Some of the particles of the carrier is oily, and these substances attached to the static non-woven fabrics will reduce the electrical, so that small dust penetrate, so for anti- Sol filter to go through a special electrostatic treatment, in order to achieve the purpose of anti-fine dust. P95, P99, P100.

EU EN149 standard:
Classification and Protection Efficiency of EU FFP Protective Filter

EU Series




Protection efficiency




The EU's respiratory protection test, the dust filter material is divided into P1, P2 and P3 three, the simple filter is divided into FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 three.

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

General Cotton yarn filter:

These filter masks are the easiest to find filter masks in retail stores that sell general health products because the filter masks are not treated with extra processing and their fibrous pores are quite large (about 1 micron), so they can not be effectively prevented Airborne pathogens. In addition, the general masks for easy access to human respiratory system dust, and no protective effect, but for the large particles of dust, or have some blocking effect. This mask can be used as warmth, to avoid the use of dirty and dirty nose and other purposes, but cannot be used as a way to prevent the invasion of bacteria. However, the test shows that the general mask on the particle size of less than 100 nm (nm) of the virus, it seems that there is still a certain blocking effect.

Activated carbon filter:

Activated carbon has a porous structure. The main function of the filter layer is to adsorb organic gases, malodorous molecules, and toxic dust, not used to filter dust, no sterilization function. Moreover, the use of activated carbon there is a limit, once all the pores are filled, they lose their utility, this time must replace the activated carbon filter, but when to reach the saturation point is not easy to judge. Activated carbon will attract the virus particles to the surface of the filter mask, but cannot "kill the virus", so the hands, eyes, nose or mouth accidentally exposed to the surface of the activated carbon masks, is still likely to cause disease transmission.

Medical filter:

Medical filter masks mainly to avoid the doctor's droplets affect the patient, the functional design is not to avoid the inhalation of granular harmful substances, although the effect is better than cotton masks and cloth print masks, but at most only 70% of the effect, Take this filter to block the bacteria, the effect may be very limited. The standard surgical medical filter mask is divided into three layers, the outer layer has the role of blocking water and water blocking, to prevent the droplets into the filter inside the mask, the middle layer of the filter can block more than 90% of the 5 micron particles, near the nose and mouth as a layer of moisture use.

Charged filter:

According to the filter masks the main manufacturer company provides the information shows that the main function of the filter is to facilitate breathing, rather than filtering. This mask actually has a filtering effect, is located in the next layer of carbon material. The filtration mechanism may be the same as the activated carbon mask, which means that it has the same use restrictions as the activated carbon masks. There is also a so-called "attached resistance filter material", its role is to extend the life of the mask and increase comfort.  A different mask of the filtering effect is different, but the various types of masks filtering air in different particle size of the filter efficiency, are showing a U-shaped curve. This represents the general public recognition of different filter media for the efficiency of particle filter comparison of large particle size and particle size are relatively easy to be filtered, but rather different types of filter material has a easiest to filter the particle size The particles in the air move continuously fast and irregularly, thus increasing the chance of collision between the particles, causing the movement trajectory to exhibit irregular movement or beating. This irregular movement or jumping significantly improves the chance of contact between the particles and the filter The Particle irregular trajectory for the larger particles of impurities, the greater the possibility of being filtered out is justified, but the small particle size of impurities is also very easy to filter out through the mask. Filter dust way to filter theory, the dust filter has five main mechanisms:


How to filter dust:

<Brownian movement spreads> In 1827, the British botanist Robert Brown used the microscope to observe the pollen grains hanging on the surface of the water and found that these pollen particles would be continuous, fast and irregularly moving The movement is called Brownian motion. Tiny particles in the air will be the impact of air and intense twists and turn movement, the effect of the smaller the more obvious particles. Because all the particles in the air (about 1019 gas molecules or particles per cubic centimeter) are moving at a fairly fast rate, the collision between the particles is increased so that their trajectories exhibit irregular movement or beating, This irregular movement or beating significantly enhance the chance of contact between the particles and the filter, so the effect of the smaller particles, the stronger.

<Blocking> The basic principle of interception is based on the size of the particles to be intercepted to do an effective separation, so this effect is basically with the size of the filter hole is different. If the particle size of the particle is larger than the hole of the filter material, it will be blocked on the filter surface, so the larger the particle, the better the filtration effect.

<Inertia impact> inertia is the sustained nature of the movement of the particle itself, if the gas and suspended particles in the same speed impact filter cloth or filter, the gas will be with the filter in the hole to change its flow direction, then larger particles Because of inertia, resulting in its still maintained in the original flow direction, and thus hit the filter, to filter the function. For this effect, the bigger the particles, the better the filtration effect.

<Gravitational Attraction> Particles' gravitational attraction effect is the same as gravitational attraction, so the bigger the particles, the better the effect.

The electrostatic attraction between the particles in the gas and the filter fibers is also more obvious for the smaller and lighter particles. This phenomenon is similar to that of the electrostatic dust collection technique, and the effect of the collection of fines particles (90 %) the same. Basically, the movement of the particles in the gas is affected by the flow direction of the gas and the effect of the surrounding electric field on its forces. It can be seen that if it is desired to collect the particles with static electricity in a flowing gas, the above-mentioned inertial forces must be overcome. However, the inertial forces of the particles with larger particle size can, of course, be free from the flow of the gas, Electrostatic attraction effect, so the electrostatic dust collector on the smaller the particle efficiency is higher. In addition, for extremely small particles in the gas does not even need to rely on Brownian motion to increase the impact of the filter to the opportunity, you can be attracted by electrostatic force, which also increases the filter for small particles of filtration capacity.

Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

Classification of filter media

When the particle size is greater than one micron, the effect of interception, inertial impact and gravitational attraction are enhanced, so that the filter efficiency is high regardless of the material or grade of the filter.

In contrast, smaller particles with a particle size less than 0.6 microns are more likely to be affected by Brownian motion diffusion and electrostatic attraction. Therefore, for different grades of a filter, the efficiency of the filter is the U-shaped curve. The lowest point in the curve is the most difficult to filter the particle size, referred to as MPPS (most penetrating particle size), MPPS size is generally about 0.3 microns, whether it is European regulatory EN149 or US regulatory NIOSH certification standards, are used MPPS As the standard for testing the filter. There are many different standards for the classification and labeling of filter media. Today's most common is the NIOSH verification and the EU FFP series grading.

Both filter and sterilization effect of the filter

If you want to find a considerable sterilization function of the filter, the recent so-called nano-Photocatalyst filter material was born; the principle is the use of photocatalytic reaction to breaking down harmful substances and sterilization. The photocatalytic reaction is carried out by means of a semiconductor photoconductor as a catalyst to achieve the purpose of oxidizing or reducing the adsorbate. Many semiconductor optoelectronic ceramics can be used as the photocatalyst, such as titanium dioxide (TiO2), zinc oxide (ZnO), cadmium sulfide (CdS) and so on. At present, the most used photocatalyst for the titanium dioxide, which in addition to a very strong oxidation and reduction capacity, in addition to a stable, environmentally friendly, low price and so on. Photocatalysts in the wavelength of less than 400 nm ultraviolet radiations, the valence electron band electrons are excited by the energy of ultraviolet three electron volts, and jump to the conduction band, this time the price of the electronic band will produce a positive hole, and forming a pair of electron-hole pairs. Titanium dioxide using the hole of the oxidation force and the reduction of electrons, and contact with the surface of the water, oxygen occurs, resulting in strong oxidizing force of free radicals, and with sterilization, deodorization, decomposition of organic matter and other functions, the carbon Hydrogen compounds break down into carbon dioxide and water, and also have a very high bactericidal ability.



Guardian Air Filter Moisture System


  • Improper installation, use, or maintenance of the AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System could result in serious injury or death.
  • WARNING: The AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System is only for recreational diving purpose which supports the depths that is not exceed 130 feet of seawater/ 40 meters. Do not use the Guardian Air Filter Moisture System with enriched air nitrox or for any other mixed gas diving.
  • WARNING: Only use distilled water into the Guardian cartridge, after each dive, remove the Air filter moisture cartridge and allow it to cool and dry it in a closed container.
  • WARNING: Never use a sharp object like a screwdriver or knife to remove O-rings from your AQUATEC Guardian Air Filter Moisture System. Use of these types of devices may damage the O-rings or the sealing surface. This will cause the Guardian Air Filter Moisture System to leak air.
  • Adsorption gas, liquid or colloidal solid

Warranty Period

  • From the purchase of one year from the date of the product warranty.
  • Normal operating circumstances, the non-human damage, the company must ensure that free maintenance.

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【Scuba Aquatec】Series Guardian Air Filter Moisture System

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